Workplace Investigations

I conduct independent workplace investigations throughout the state of Oregon. I am a state-licensed private investigator (Oregon PI-ID #097242) with 25 years of professional workplace investigative experience.

Workplace investigations have an immense impact on employees, work groups, and employers. My goal is to guide all investigation participants through a process that is respectful, thorough, and allows all the facts to be collected, presented, and considered impartially.

At the beginning of each investigation, the employer and I establish a scope, contract, and deliverables. Whenever situationally possible, I follow the overall guiding principles provided by the Association of Workplace Investigators.

During the course of an investigation, I work with people at all levels of the organization including subject employees, complainants, witnesses, union stewards, employee representatives, HR Directors, CEOs, General and Corporate counsel, and Labor and Employment attorneys.

The work often requires me to interact with members of the public, customers, vendors, contractors, board members, auditors, independent CPAs and insurers. I work tirelessly to find all the available facts and information involving each situation.

I then analyze the resulting facts of the investigation and present findings and conclusions in a written report that is clear, objective, and within the investigation scope. I ensure that my written reports are thorough, clearly reference witness testimony and documents, and present conclusions objectively and impartially.

You won’t find my Client List

Maintaining confidentiality to the greatest extent possible is one of the most important aspects of my work. That’s why you won’t find a client list on my website.

I work with a wide range of organizations including city and county governments and their various departments, law enforcement and fire departments, special districts, non-profits, and private businesses throughout Oregon. Almost all of my work are referrals from HR Directors, CEOs, General and Corporate Counsels, Labor and Employment Attorneys, and insurance companies who have worked with me in the past.

You will find the Highest Quality Work Product

I’m proud of the fact that clients tell me that my investigative work product stands out and above the rest.

If you have a current need of investigative services and have not been referred by a previous client, an attorney, or your insurance company, please contact me at (503) 894-9546. I can usually arrange for a confidential reference.