Communication Plans

Whether you’re introducing a great new workforce program to employees or a controversial change to an existing policy, how you conduct the rollout largely determines the long term success of those changes.

During your project and program rollouts, I’ll work with you to build a tailored communication plan that ensures an effective and efficient implementation and long term success.

I’ve spent much of my career developing communication plans and strategies for enterprise-wide launches for HR programs and policies. I’ve stood in front of hundreds of employees during those launches, and I’ve learned first hand the importance of delivering the right messages the first time to employees and leadership teams.

Not every rollout is about sharing great news. But how well you prepare your communication plan, and how well you adhere to it, makes difficult messages easier to deliver and helps employees absorb them with greater success. 

When we develop your communication plan, we’ll first work on your goals and objectives and desired outcomes. I’ll ask questions about your target audience, the involvement of your leadership team, and external stakeholders to determine messaging options. I’ll ask for examples of what has worked for you in the past, and we’ll talk about what hasn’t. Based on that discussion, we’ll outline different options on the best way to deliver your program.

From there we’ll fill in a complete plan that includes all the necessary elements to ensure a successful rollout. Some of those elements are tuned messages and materials, a specific rollout schedule, and a method to accept and manage feedback during the launch. We’ll build a plan to regularly connect with your leadership team to keep them updated with program developments, to reinforce the rollout messages they provide to employees, and to gather their observations of the rollout’s success.

Finally, when the rollout is complete, we’ll perform and document a post-event assessment to evaluate the program and communication plan effectiveness.