For years I’ve built and implemented workforce programs that meet changing needs, are in compliance with the law and industry best practices, and demonstrate real value to both employees and employers.

Here are some examples of the scope of my 25-year career:

  • Worked one-on-one with employees and their managers to rebuild trust, respect, and productive working relationships.
  • Developed and led HR teams focused on delivering exemplary service to a broad range of business partners.
  • Created a shared responsibility model for HR managers to remove silos of specialization and provide succession planning and staff development.
  • Led the successful implementation of enterprise-wide Human Resources Information Systems.
  • Transitioned millions of dollars in employee retirement savings to lower cost investment firms and higher return funds.
  • Handled executive level investigations and separations.
  • Provided executive coaching and advice for CEO’s, Vice Presidents, and Boards.
  • Managed and directed Risk Management, Safety, and Security teams.
  • Worked directly with Oregon State Police and the Oregon Department of Justice on workplace investigations.
  • Directed the development of an onsite employee health clinic, employee wellness programs, and benefits packages.
  • Written and delivered trainings, speeches, and webcasts that focused on identifying and crafting company culture and connecting employees to the mission.