Limited HR resources? I can help.

Time. People. Expertise. Budget. Even when managed expertly, your internal resources are often not enough to get the work done. I provide clients with immediate HR capacity and expertise to move projects forward, strategize and coach, and complete the day-to-day work they just can’t get to.

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HR Consultant Ryan Fleming

Some clients call when they need immediate help on a specific project, like preparing compensation comparisons, coaching a manager through a difficult performance issue, or conducting an independent workplace investigation.

Other clients retain me on an ongoing basis as their go-to HR business partner. In that role I provide day-to-day advice and hands-on help as it’s needed, from creating job structures to helping onboard employees.

Whether hired on a project basis or retained over the longer term, I work hard to be immediately accessible and provide the additional capacity and expertise you need right away.

Accessible right now

On a moment’s notice, I’ll take on critical, time-sensitive tasks all within the framework of your employee policies and industry best practices. I provide written and verbal assessments of your HR practices and practical recommendations that connect with your policy provisions and are delivered on time, every time.

Integrated with your team

Because I focus on learning about your culture, mission, and brand from our first meeting, I can integrate quickly and seamlessly with your employees, internal HR division, and management and executive teams.

That connection allows us to work together efficiently to share information, identify goals and objectives, analyze options, and deliver solutions.