Projects to start now

Here are the areas of work that my practice has been most focused on in the last 12 months:

  • HR Audits and Priority Assessments: Management needs a consultant’s perspective on how their policies, practices, and benefits compare with other employers. They want to make changes and updates in the context of recent employee feedback and their current and evolving business needs. They also need help developing and implementing those changes.
  • Independent HR Investigations: There is a complex employee relations issue that needs to be thoroughly investigated and documented by an independent third party within the next 30 days.
  • Compensation Comparisons: Cities, Counties, and other public employers need reliable and accurate comparisons of overall compensation for similar jobs in comparable communities.
  • On-Call HR Resource: Small and mid-sized organizations need an HR expert to help with a myriad of day-to-day to issues … developing leave processes, preparing interview questions, on-boarding new employees, working through employee relations issues, and administering benefits.
  • Management and Executive Coaching: A member of the management team is having performance issues, and they need an outside coach who can provide perspective, tools, and guidance on appropriate next steps.
  • Job Descriptions: Most job descriptions are out of date and in multiple formats. Some still need to be written, particularly those at the top of the organization. All of them need to be standardized and reflect the actual work completed.
  • Performance Reviews: Employees want to better understand the annual performance rating levels and how they connect to salary increases. The performance review process, including the self evaluation and review forms, need to be updated. More detailed performance level definitions need to incorporated, and both supervisors and employees need training on the new process and administration.
  • Job Structure: A formal job structure needs to be established to reflect and define different levels of work in the division. The structure also needs to clearly explain the recommended and required qualifications and experience of the incumbents, outline the responsibility and authority for each job level, clarify reporting relationships, and demonstrate a potential advancement path for interested employees.
  • Team Development: Members of the leadership team need to improve their ability to work together on an important initiative. A neutral outside coach needs to meet with them, identify the key issues, provide new perspectives, and work with each of them to make improvements.
  • Outsourcing Analysis: The COO is considering outsourcing some HR functions, but is not sure if that’s the best solution. An independent HR professional who has built and managed HR teams needs to analyze the situation and recommend if it makes sense. If so, they need to recommend what functions to outsource, help select the right firm, and help structure the remaining internal team.
  • Outplacement: Employees who have been identified for layoff need career coaching — from resume building assistance, to building an online presence, to mock interviewing — to help them secure another job and move off unemployment.