We do HR

Portland HR Solutions, Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of Human Resources and Management consulting services to businesses, government agencies, and non-profits.

Clients seek out our expertise across the full spectrum of HR, from project-specific deliverables like redesigning annual performance review systems and processes, to needs analysis and recommendations to help determine the best structure of their own internal HR departments.

We also serve as an HR Department to small and mid-sized businesses doing the day-to-day work of running recruitments, conducting new employee onboarding, handling benefits enrollment and renewals, coordinating leaves tracking and payroll, processing separations, and keeping policy manuals and postings current.

Whether helping clients complete major projects or performing as their outsourced HR partner, we deliver high quality results that exceed expectations, are in compliance with the law and industry best practices, and demonstrate lasting value to both employers and employees. 

We do this work because we love to help clients build and implement workforce solutions. Here are just some of the things we can help with now:

  • Many of your job descriptions are out of date and are in multiple formats. Some still need to be written, particularly those at the top of the organization. Getting them updated, written, and in a standard format has become a priority in order to clarify areas of responsibility and aid in managing performance.
  • You are beginning to observe that a member of your management team is having performance problems, and you want an outside perspective and guidance on appropriate next steps.
  • Your executive team determined that the performance management cycle needs to move from individual anniversary dates to a focal point system. You need to find a resource to discuss and plan all the transition requirements.
  • Several members of your leadership team need to improve their ability to work together on an important initiative, but you haven’t found the right coach to identify key issues, provide the right tools, or guide the team through the improvement process.
  • You desperately need a new HRIS solution, but you don’t have the time or people available to complete the needs analysis, build the budget proposal, make recommendations to your board, build the RFP and work through the selection process, and make the implementation successful.
  • There is an employee relations issue that needs to be thoroughly investigated and documented by an independent third party within the next 30 days.
  • It’s time to conduct an employee opinion and engagement survey, but you don’t have a survey tool or an action plan methodology ready for the survey results.
  • You are separating several employees that will need career coaching — from resume building assistance to building an online presence — along with other outplacement services.

Or, perhaps a consultant helped you identify and develop a workforce solution that appeared very concrete at the time, but now that the consultant is gone, so is the energy and expertise to make those solutions happen.

We understand that those solutions must continue to live and grow successfully after we have left the building. To meet that objective, we actively involve appropriate stakeholders in all phases of the project for input and buy-in. We also create follow up plans and key milestones, and we provide the training your staff needs to keep solutions working.

Connect with us today, and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your project and how we can move it forward!