Keeping the momentum

It can be difficult to keep organizational momentum behind HR software projects.

On the budget horizon, they are often seen as expensive inconveniences rather than the significant operational necessities and improvements that they are. On the IT Department project list, they can be seen as resource distractions from the technology requirements of the core business. Even on the HR Division’s own annual plan, they often compete with day-to-day work and the resource constraints of the HR staff. And to some members of the leadership team, enterprise-wide projects are yet more HR work on top of annual performance review writing, salary administration, and required training.

Understandly, those perspectives can drive organizational decisions to delay HR program updates and projects. But the longer those projects stay on the shelf, the more likely an organization operates with increasing risk and decreasing efficiency. And it makes getting caught up even more complex and burdensome down the road.

A consultant who will champion the project, tirelessly build organizational support and understanding, respond effectively to concerns, and offer ready support for the project team as they move forward is the best way to keep the momentum. And that’s just one of the reasons why I’m here.